Firmware Database Disclaimer 

All Firmware Database is free download.

1. Firmwares stored on our website are only for data recovery use and not for general public. Trying to use them in any manner other than previously stated can cause permanent damage to your hard disk and complete loss of data.
2. The visitor understands and agrees that use of our firmware files is entirely at his own risk. We cannot guarantee that data recovery process will be finished only by using the files from Firmware Database.
3. The visitor accepts that they are solely responsible for determining whether these firmware files are compatible with the visitor’s hard drives and data recovery software which he use. The visitors are also solely responsible for the protection of their data recovery tasks, equipment and backup of data, and KDR will not be liable for any damage they may suffer in connection with using and modifying these firmware files.

4. The structure of files can be seen in a list on the Firmware Database website, but KDR is not responsible of the files’s quality and functionality since they are extracted from the patient drives involved in data recovery process.
5. KDR is not responsible for any consequential damage, including loss or recovery of data, or any other damage made by using or working with files from Firmware Database.

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